Why Security Guard Incident Reports Are Important

Regardless of the reason you contract security guards; you could be making a grievous mistake if you do not invest time, money and your active thought process in keeping track of both the guards’ activities and activities that affect their day-to-day proceedings. It is exceedingly important that every private homeowner, public facility management, private or public company management or any entity with a limited or unlimited liability persona be up-to-date with security guard management protocol and criteria.

Incident reporting
All security personnel is obligated by their profession to have full knowledge of incident reporting. Incident reporting is a part of the curriculum that all security personnel cover. Any contractual agreement between a security firm and a client has to define the process of reporting incidents. It is paramount that whatever incident reporting criteria is agreed upon by both parties, it has to have qualities including but not limited to objectivity, reliability and has to be measurable and provable.

All incident reports have to answer the questions:
• Who
• Where
• What
• When and only if applicable,
• Why

Importance of security incident reporting
Security incidents can lead to civil or criminal or civil and criminal disputes. They have in them, the indefinite potential to wreck an institution, person or both. All security incidences, if not managed properly, could spell legal calamity for afflicted and unafflicted parties. Thus, whether you are a security guard, security providing company or party contracting personnel to ensure the safety of your premises, having a clearly defined incident management system is key. It will help you mitigate,

1. Risk of criminal and civil negligence suits for incidences that occur on your premises
2. Risk of losing a case if you sue a security company for failing to manage incidents well
3. Risk of losing a case where a security company sues you
4. Risk of a security company losing a case where their employer sues them
5. Risk of having criminal cases filed against a security company.

An accurately reported security incident will
1. Help the police carry out investigations
2. Identify all possible witnesses
3. Identify time and place of an occurrence
4. Provide proof and evidence in a court hearing
5. Profile events and provide risk assessment data
6. Help predict possible future incidents

For easier and more efficient security guard management, automated incident management system should be devised and employed in contractual agreements. Employers and security personnel or security companies supplying security staff and other security paraphernalia should be considerate of third parties. They should make sure that incident reporting should contain the most intricate of details in all occurrences.
Security guards should record incidents on a daily basis. Incident reporting software is available from many companies all competing to provide the most intuitive criteria possible. Choose what works best not for you but for all parties involved.

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