Green Office Cleaners

Historically, business owners have had to ask themselves several questions when selecting an office cleaning service. What rates do they charge? How often do they come to the office? Business owners have recently started asking themselves another question about commercial cleaning services, however. Do they use green cleaning products?

Green Cleaning

As more research comes out about traditional cleaning products, more and more businesses are making the switch to green cleaning. Not only do traditional cleaning products cost more, but they have been found to lower air quality and contribute to long-term health issues.

Some studies have even suggested that harsh chemical cleaners can have a negative impact on workplace productivity. After all, it can be difficult to focus on filing information when the workplace has the distinctive smell of bleach.

These are considerable reasons to use green cleaners even without speaking of the environmental benefits, which are many. Green cleaners not only produce unnecessary waste, but the chemicals left in the containers seep into the ground when they are placed in a landfill. From there, they have been known to work their way into the local water supply and cause a host of health issues.

Finding Green Commercial Cleaning Services

Because this change is still happening, many office cleaning services do not advertise themselves as “green” cleaners. That is why, when searching for an office cleaning service, many business owners will directly email or call the business and ask if they offer green cleaning. A surprising amount of services will admit that, yes, they use green cleaning products and simply did not advertise it.

Even if a cleaning service does not exclusively use green cleaners, many are willing to accommodate businesses that prefer a more natural cleaner. These alternatives are often priced at the same or cheaper rates than traditional cleaners and offer identical results in terms of cleanliness.

Green office cleaning services are particularly important to brands that are centered around being eco-friendly. Having a recycling bin is only a first step, and customers appreciate brands that follow through on their ideals. If a business has marketed itself as an eco-friendly venture, like so many have, then it is all but essential to make use of a green office cleaning service.

Cleaner Offices and Cleaner Air

With all of the benefits of green cleaners, it is no surprise that businesses are more and more often searching for eco-friendly commercial cleaning services. Whether for reasons of air quality, workplace productivity or environmental responsibility, business owners across Canada are making the switch to green, environmentally friendly cleaning services. Visit Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems if you want to find more resources and information.

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