5 Ways To Use Wooden Wine Boxes To Decorate Your Yard

A backyard can be a private oasis where family and friends can take a break together. If you want to add some unique décor to your yard and garden, think about adding a few wooden wine boxes. Because of the type of wood and construction, most boxes will last from spring to autumn without any trouble. Here are five ways you can use wooden wine boxes to decorate your yard.

1. Planter

With a little preparation, you can turn a wooden wine box into a fun planter. Drill a few drain holes in the bottom. Place a few rocks in the bottom to allow for even more drainage space. Line the inside with plant fabric and fill the fabric with potting soil. All that is left is for you to add some flowers or plants. Succulents can thrive in the wooden boxes. Herbs do well also, and if you have several boxes, you can make a wine box herb garden. To learn more information, please visit the Ekan Concepts for their additional online resources.

2. Small Garden Tool Holder

Small hand tools and scoops tend to get lost in sheds, but a wooden wine box can be easily converted to a custom tool caddy. You will need two small brackets and a screw gun. Decide where you want to hang the box, and use a level if you want it to be perfectly straight. Draw a line where the bottom of the box will sit, and screw the brackets in there. Screw the box onto the brackets, and it is ready for your tools.

3. Light

To make a wooden wine box into an outdoor light, you will need to remove both of the small ends. The light will come from a little solar garden lamp. These collect the rays of the sun during the day, and that’s why you need to top open. Solar garden lights come in a variety of sizes, but because no one will see the light fixture, it does not have to be very decorative. It can be basic and inexpensive. Push the light into the ground and cover it with the wine box. At night, the light will shine out of the top, and if your box does not have the sliding side lid, just put that side to the back. The light will shine brightly out of the top and back.

4. Stand

Wooden wine boxes make fanciful garden stands when nestled beside rose bushes or tucked in a corner. To keep it from tumbling or blowing over, put a few rocks in the bottom. Some things you can put on the wine boxes are garden gnomes or ceramic frogs, a small potted plant, or loose flowers.

5. Garden Flag Holder

Garden flags come with lightweight metal stands that are poked into the ground. But you can turn your wine box into a flag holder, by lining the inside with a plastic bag and filling the bag with sand. Tuck the bag inside so no one can see it. Push the metal rod into the sand, and hang your flag for that season.