What Homeowners Should Know About Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are not decorative pieces. Instead, they are but a life-saving necessity for every home. Although you may know the importance of life safety systems, you probably don’t know that fire alarm systems are considered more important than other security and alarm systems. Thanks to the advanced detection and alert technology featured, fire systems keep homeowners safe by warning them of potential property-destroying or life-threatening incidences. Because every homeowner should know a few details about fire systems, here are some facts.

Fire systems are ideally designed to detect smoke and high heat since both are signs of fire. Apart from being able to detect these two signs even from very small flames, fire alarms can also detect escalating temperatures that can result in a fire such as an overheating furnace. Some fire alarms can even detect water flow in sprinkler pipes and incidents of intentional triggering.

A triggered fire system will traditionally set off a series of lights and a siren. To put out the fire, sprinklers usually activate immediately a fire system is triggered. However, this often depends on the type of system installed. Life safety systems that feature alarm monitoring will contact emergency respondents such as local fire departments directly or through a customer service center. In addition, advanced alarm systems have unique features such as smartphone notifications and calls to preset numbers whenever there is a fire emergency. Recent technological developments include information about the fire’s location.

For maximum protection, the best and most advanced fire alarm systems come with a variety of safety features including:

Indicating devices: Weatherproof features, sirens, and lights to notify people of a fire emergency.

Initiating devices: Manual triggers, as well as water flow, heat, and smoke detectors, each capable of initiating the alarm state.

A control panel that includes notification and zoning displays, password keys, and reset features.

Sealed batteries: As the system’s power source, these batteries ensure the alarm system continues to operate even when there is a power outage.

Sometimes, a fire alarm system comes with auxiliary devices like:
• Detailed LED displays
• Alarm silencing switches
• Smartphone applications capable of indicating the state of your fire alarm system and home
• Addressable heads
• Electromagnetic door holders that automatically block access to endangered zones

Upgrading or installing a fire alarm system
Thanks to the knowledge acquired from the information above, you should be able to purchase a suitable alarm system for your home. By looking around and comparing what is currently available on the market, you can score an ideal fire alarm system based on your budget, preferences, and needs. To prevent false alarms or system failure, you should engage the services of a professional when upgrading your old fire alarm system or installing a new one.

Technological and Product Innovations in Office Cleaning

Building service contractors get inundated each day with mail on what the marketers are touting as the latest and most effective in cleaning technology. However, not every office cleaning Milton product can of course be deemed as revolutionary. Many of the current product workhorses have been around for several decades, only getting simple modifications.

Over the last 10 years or so, products categories that were previously unheard-of have popped everywhere in the commercial cleaning sector.

Battery-Powered Equipment

Initially, the source of power was only one—elbow grease. Early versions of vacuum cleaners were using suction technology supplied by hand pumping. Office floors were typically cleaned using mops and buckets. Then the industry witnessed corded and fossil-fuel-powered cleaning machines.

During the course of the last decade, battery powered products have joined the ever expanding growing list of building cleaning power options. The batteries of today are longer-lasting, lighter, and they charge faster, promoting more manoeuvrability and productivity with less downtime.

Battery-powered office cleaning products become even more exciting because they combine portability, light-weight, less noise with the safety that comes with a cord-based electric power cable. Some of the higher-end battery-powered portable machines even have their own on-board charger, thus eliminating downtime.

Backpack Vacuums

Designed with lots of focus on ergonomics, these lightweight backpack vacuums help in reducing stress on the wrists of the cleaner because of their unique wand and hose configuration. With their easy manoeuvrability and ability to access to corners and other hard-to-reach areas, they have now become an indispensable item for cleaning teams.

Over the passage of years, besides incorporating battery power, backpack vacuums have witnessed lots of major modifications (such as HEPA filtration technologies) all aimed at improving overall comfort of user by reducing the weight/size of the machine. They have also been working on developing the design of the harnesses especially for the female cleaning workforce.

Chemical Dispensing Systems

Since the introduction of chemical dispensers in the 1980s, they have made great strides. Back then, the most common option available was a method referred to as the “glug-glug” – manually having to mix chemical while actually guessing the suitable ratios.

Besides being inadequate, the risk of mixing excess chemical concentrations can damage the surface being cleaned, possibly triggering safety and health issues. On the other hand, inadequate concentrations may be effective. The dispensers of today are designed to alleviate any guesswork. Knobs, dials, and push buttons can now automatically mix for you the correct chemical balance every time.

Green Chemicals

“Green cleaning” was, up to about a decade ago, only talked about in passing. Office cleaning product manufacturers and contractors only went green because they thought it was required of them by law or society. Today, however, there are many cleaning product makers with green-product lines, which are very effective and also selling fast.

Innovation must be at the heart of your business, and you should always seek to adopt new technologies. Innovative cleaning doesn’t necessary have to be some tangible technological or product solution; it also could be applying existing products in an innovative way adapted to your specific office cleaning needs.

Image Credit: Aquadri