Window Cleaning – Adding Water Flow Extension Brush Technology to your Supplies

Residential and commercial window cleaning is toilsome, and there is always a new challenge to face. Without a surefire cleaning method, it is very tough to earn a living in this demanding carreer. Certain methods and tricks will get you far, but a system will allow you to reach a new financial height. Limitations in cleaning are common because a person can only work so hard for so long. Solid window washing equipment is fine, but an individual can go much further with a time-saving system. Water-flow extension brush technology may be the answer to many of the window cleaning woes.

A Simple But Effective Product

At first glance, the system looks like a simple creation that anyone could design. To the naked eye, the product is nothing more than a large brush connected to 4 or 6 extension poles. The pivotal component in this product is the deionized water purification tank. This apparatus will turn a dirty window into a clean window with 50% less effort. Deionized water is 100% pure, and it is free from contaminants and chemical deposits. With this water, you can actually clean a window without soap, ammonia, or any other chemical.

How This System Works

You need to run regular tap water through the purification tank to produce deionized water. You need a water source for this task–a water spigot or the connection from your portable water tank. A narrow hose connects the tank to the extension pole which transfers the water to the cleaning brush. At the base of the bristles, there are two small holes and two narrow hose connectors. Once the water passes through the filtration system, it sprouts from the brush as purified cleaning water. As the worker cleans the window, the brush remains wet and a fresh supply of water continues to move through the hose.

Best Uses for Water Flow Extension Brushes

This system is excellent for large homes, commercial buildings, and large retail properties. It is also perfect for window cleaning companies operating in hot climates. In extreme heat, a window cleaning professional cannot move at a normal pace. They move much slower, but the need for speed increases because of the evaporation factor. With the water flow extension brush system, the continuous water flow allows the worker to move comfortably. It also allows the professional to do more jobs in a climate that forces you to cut your speed.

This clever and innovative product is a must-have for anyone who needs window cleaning equipment. It is a massive time saver that could increase the revenue for any true professional in this field. Find more information at Pro-Bel and learn from the available resources.